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UN Friends of Vision

The Friends of Vision group of United Nations Member States consists of country representatives, including at Ambassador level, from more than 50 countries.

The group aims to advance the issue of eye health within the context of the SDGs, to raise its profile on the international agenda, and to share knowledge from the sector with and among Member States.

The UN Friends of Vision has developed a strong and credible voice in UN political processes. For instance, it successfully advocated for the inclusion of eye health within a UN Declaration – the first time eye health has been included in a UN document at that level. Please click here for the resolution

The UN Friends of Vision has held numerous events and meetings at the United Nations.

In November 2019, the group held a Vision Screening and Exhibition in the UN lobby in New York together with the WHO, UN Medical Office, IAPB and some of its members. The exhibition was designed to be multi-purpose, providing free screenings or exams to anyone who might need them, whilst also providing information relevant to all those working to advance the SDG agenda at the United Nations. During the event, more than 500 Ambassadors and UN staff got their eyes tested. Out of those examined, close to 90% needed glasses, with the vast majority needing the multifocal correction/progressives. 10% of people said that this was their first eye exam.

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